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By Jeffrey Yang | 15 September 2021 | 0 Comments

How do we choose the printing technology for Cotton Bags?

Cotton bag is relatively environmentally friendly, it can be taken from natural degradation, durability and firmness are far higher than the non-woven bag, cost-effective, and no matter you are used for gift promotion or as a customer gift, it is very appropriate.
So do you know the common techniques of these cotton bags?Let me introduce it to you!

1. Slikscreen printing

Screen printing can not only be printed on the plane, but also on the curved surface, printing has strong color force, strong three-dimensional sense, easy to master technology, and low price, which is one of the most commonly used processes of printing patterns and logo on textile supplies.If you do not have special custom requirements, screen printing is more suitable for your customization.

2. Heat transfer

Thermal transfer printing is an indirect transfer printing process. The pattern of thermal transfer printing has bright colors, rich levels, high gloss, safety and no pollution. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high and the firmness is not very good, and the printed pictures will crack for a long time.This printing process is charged for the printing area, so it is not recommended for requiring custom large area print patterns.


3. Digital printing

Digital printing is digital printing with digital technology, the principle is the same as the ink jet printer, the printing is very fine, clear, similar to the characteristics of photos and hand painting, and do not need to release, short production cycle can adapt to small batch production, color is very rich, can meet the personalized needs of modern people.The disadvantage is that you can not print special colors.If you are customized in a small batch and have a tight time, you can choose the digital printing process.

In addition to the above commonly used printing techniques, Cotton bags are sometimes used in silk printing and thermal transfer printing.Excellent blessing can provide you with customized cotton bag, process and size.If you have the relevant needs, you can contact the customer service for consultation

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