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By Jeffrey Yang | 10 September 2021 | 0 Comments

How do we choose the printing technology for Paper Bags?

How do we choose the printing technology for Paper Bags?

When we start a new bussiness in ecobags, we don't know how do design the bags, don't know which material we choose, don't know what thickness is better, don't know what's printing technology is better?  Here let me explain to you step by step.   Today we will explain the printing technologies. 

1. Offset printing, is what we say now printing equipment, mainly through rubber (rubber cloth) to print the design of the printing plate to the surface of the outer packaging paper bag, this way of printing through rubber cloth is rubber printing.It has the characteristics of rich hierarchical display and exquisite details, and it is also the most important printing method in the printing industry now.When making offset printing in the outer packaging paper bag, we should pay attention to the problem: the resolution of the outer packaging paper bag picture affects the final printing effect. If it is too small, it is easy to appear fuzzy phenomenon.The text on the outer packaging paper bag is too small, do not print in color, so that it is easy to appear that the color is not allowed.The outer packaging paper bag should be designed as far as possible to avoid the full version of the pure color, so that the printed effect is not very good.

2. Silk printing, printing version (specially made on the paper film version or other editions) in the outer packaging paper bag printing, the ink through the hole eye transfer to the outer packaging paper bag through a specific pressure, and finally realize the design effect printing method.Silk printing has a concave and convex sense, more three-dimensional sense, flat printing, convex printing, concave printing together is known as the four printing methods.When the outer packaging paper bag is in the silk printing, as long as you pay attention to the beginning of the printing according to the characteristics of the silk printing, there is no problem.

3. Soft printing, is a kind of outer packaging paper bag direct printing way, he is more flexible, so soft printing has a strong visual impact.The most taboo of soft printing of packaging paper bags is that the text is too small, which will make printing have a certain difficulty.

To summay, each printing technology has its own advantages and also have some disadvantages, the important is that which is more suitable for our products.  


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